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DiskDigger 1.29 32/64 Bit full torrent

DiskDigger 1.29 32/64 Bit full torrent

DiskDigger 1.29

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DiskDigger 1.29

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DiskDigger keigen is a small utility that also does not need to be installed and offers support in Russian, which can be used to restore all deleted files from your media. Even if a file or folder is lost due to a virus attack, you can download DiskDigger below.
After starting, the program scans the storage medium and analyzes the data structure. The tool works with its own data recovery method, which is the most obvious way to recover deleted files in various formats. DiskDigger does not help if the information has been changed several times.

Developer: Dmitri Brant
License: ShareVare
Language: English
Size: MB
OS: winch

How to install:
1). Instructions can be found in the instructions.
2). This is all ready to be enjoyed

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