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A in the life of Itzel, a 15-year-old day

A in the life of Itzel, a 15-year-old day

Engaged and getting married to Jesus seemed sense that is common Itzel. “I knew him, we liked him therefore we dropped in love.” In the time, Itzel had been 14 along with her boyfriend 17. It isn’t unusual for teens to marry at the beginning of Mexico. Relating to UN ladies, 6.8 million ladies aged 15-54 alive today in Mexico had been hitched or in a union ahead of the age of 18.

Rooted in sex inequality, son or daughter wedding has consequences that are lasting girls’ everyday lives and well-being. It could bring about: school dropout, adolescent maternity, problems in maternity and maternal mortality, and poverty. As opposed to likely to college, Itzel now remains house. “Jesus goes out and takes care of the pets. We remain here doing chores so when he comes home, We give him food.”

Wedding additionally confines girls up to life of domesticity. Itzel defines it as “lonely”. “Whenever you are you can go out and have fun by yourself. Now that i’m hitched, I am able to just do things with my husband.” She adds: “I frequently consume alone … we feel sad when we begin to genuinely believe that, if test review dating websites my mum had been right here, we’d consume well.”

Itzel’s message to teens who’re contemplating engaged and getting married is easy. “Really contemplate it. First you will need to study. Now we wonder why i did son’t take action. If I experienced the opportunity to return to college, I would personally.”

Son or daughter wedding in Mexico

  • Almost 1 in 4 girls in Mexico (23%) are hitched ahead of the chronilogical age of 18.
  • Youngster wedding is intrinsically connected to adolescent pregnancy. 15.4% of females now aged 20-24 had been moms prior to the chronilogical age of 18.
  • Socio-economic status can be a big element. Significantly more than 60% of females aged 20-24 whom married before 18 had been staying in poverty.
  • Son or daughter wedding is most typical in rural and communities that are indigenous. 28% of females aged 20-24 staying in rural areas have actually entered a union before 18, in place of 17.7per cent of females residing in cities.
  • Young adults who talk native languages are specially suffering from youngster wedding, with prices up to 40% in Chiapas, Guerrero and Veracruz.

Excerpt from UN Women report on son or daughter wedding in Mexico.

exactly what does the law state?

Appropriate reform is underway in Mexico. At the conclusion of 2014, the “Ley General de los Derechos de Ninas, Ninos y adolescentes” (Law in the legal rights of girls, men and adolescents) suggested that federal legislation should set the age that is minimum of at 18. A couple of months later on, Parliament authorized a reform to your federal civil rule which established 18 years due to the fact minimal age of wedding.

However the situation differs during the state level. To date, 22 states are making wedding before 18 unlawful even though the staying 10 nevertheless allow kid marriage, sometimes who are only 14. Since 2015, UN Women Mexico is advocating for harmonised legislation in every states and comprehensive action to deal with kid wedding.

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