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Online chat is a additional solution designed to greatly help people trade short messages in realtime.

Online chat is a additional solution designed to greatly help people trade short messages in realtime.

additional solution

To utilize On-line chat please very first login to our web site with your account. If you don’t get one, you are able to register on our website totally free. When you yourself have forgotten your password, please click the website website website link “Forgot Password” located on this site.

When logged in, you will observe “Online women” menu item regarding the remaining part under “Ladies Profiles” element of the menu. Click “Online Ladies” button to see which ladies are currently logged on. You could start talk to any lady that is online by pressing “Start Chat Now” key. The woman shall receive an invite away from you and a talk screen will start for your needs. In the event that woman desires to talk wit you she shall answer your invite. The chat is regarded as started as soon as the lady replies for you.

You will be messages that are getting women who wish to start a speak to you. If a girl invites one to talk, you will observe a popup window showing who wants to talk to you. It is possible to review woman’s profile prior to starting talk to the woman. If you don’t would you like to speak to a female you just shut her initiating message. If you wish to start talk you simply respond the message through the woman.

If a female features a web-cam enabled you will see video clip flow associated with the woman when you look at the real-time; you will see a link “Video On” into the talk screen.

Just how much it costs

You might be charged per each second of one’s chat that is on-line but lower than for 1 minute.For instance, if for example the online talk lasted 30 moments, you might be charged for the complete minute of talk.

Once your talk began the system matters enough time regarding the chat. The minute that is first of expenses 0,10 POINTs, every further 2nd expenses 0,0016 POINTs.For instance, your chat lasted three minutes and 19 moments, it’s going to price you 0,32 POINTs.

Whenever you talk to a web-cam on, the expense of the talk is doubled. Please, note, that if you chat simultaneously with a few girls, every talk is known as a split talk and also you spend individually for every chat.For instance, in the event that you chatted with woman ID:12345 and lady ID:54321 in addition, and every talk lasted five full minutes, you are charged 0,5 POINTs for speak to woman ID:12345 and 0,5 POINTs with lady ID:54321, total 1 AIM.

Additionally, you can aquire online talk package, which assists you to definitely save your self. In accordance with our regular cost you pay for online talk in POINTs. In the event that you purchase an on-line talk package you will get a less expensive cost for minute with regards to the selected time.

Chat package 600 chat minutes 480 chat minutes 300 talk minutes 210 talk minutes 180 chat minutes 120 talk minutes 60 talk minutes 30 chat moments
Price $ 250.00 $ 200.00 $ 130.00 $ 96.00 $ 85.00 $ 60.00 $ 32.00 $ 18.00
1 moment price $ 0.41 $ 0.41 $ 0.43 $ 0.45 $ 0.47 $ 0.5 $ 0.53 $ 0.6

purchase online talk package now

Online chat F.A.Q.

1) what exactly is required for chatting on-line?

To successfully talk on-line you must have listed here settings in your web web browser: a) your web browser must accept cookies b) your browser must accept snacks off their web-sites, or through the that is web-site c) utilize JavaScript in addition should have set up Adobe Flash player to see movie and hear the noise. It is possible to upload this system through the web-site that is official by this website link:

2) Why whenever we deliver an email we can not view it happens to be delivered?

The feasible issue is your web web browser is certainly not put up to just accept snacks off their web-sites. To create up this program you need to head to settings of snacks and mark the box beside the choice help snacks off their web-sites, or even to include site into the exceptions which means your web web browser would accept cookies using this web web site. With your trouble, and never forget to tell concerning the types of web browser and variation you employ (for instance, Forefox 3.6.15 should you not learn how to these details find these settings, please, contact us, web browser 8, etc.)

3) just how many POINTs must I need to start online talk?

You need to have at the least 1 POINT to begin communicating with one woman. You will not be able to start chat if you have less than 1 POINT.

4) When could be the chat considered began?

The talk begins (this program begins counting some time expenses for the chat) whenever a woman responded your message (in the event you invited a woman for talk), or perhaps you responded woman’s message (whenever she actually is usually the one who invited one to talk). In the event that you delivered a note towards the woman but she did not reply, the talk is maybe not regarded as started.

5) How can I end talk?

To finish talk whether you really want to end chat, if you click “Yes” the chat will end if it has started (look through question “When is the chat considered started?”) you should simply click a button “End chat with lady ID#”; the program than asks you. Even in the event the lady continues composing for you it isn’t regarded as extension associated with talk.

6) simply how much does it cost to talk online?

You may be charged per each second of one’s chat that is on-line but not as much as for 1 moment. For instance, if the chat that is on-line lasted moments, you might be charged when it comes to complete moment of talk. The moment your talk began the scheduled program matters enough time regarding the talk. The very first moment of chat costs 0,10 POINTs, every further 2nd expenses 0,0016 POINTs. As an example, your talk lasted three minutes and 19 seconds, it will price you 0,32 POINTs. Whenever you talk to a web-cam on, the price of the talk is doubled. Please, note, that in the event that you chat simultaneously with a few girls, every talk is known as an independent chat and also you pay individually for every single talk. As an example, you will be charged 0,5 POINTs for chat with lady ID:12345 and 0,5 POINTs with lady ID:54321, total 1 POINT if you chatted with lady ID:12345 and lady ID:54321 at the same time, and each chat lasted 5 minutes.

7) i did not end talk and shut the screen. Just Exactly Just What must I do?

The chat will end automatically if you didn’t click “End chat” and closed the window. Enough time associated with the end associated with the chat in cases like this may be the time of the message that is last to you because of the woman.

8) In the event that woman stopped replying my communications and I also am nevertheless online, additionally the talk screen is available, do I buy the time that is whole of talk?

Within 10 minutes, you will not be charged for the last 10 minutes of the chat if you were chatting on-line with the girl but she stopped replying to your messages, and didn’t get back to you. In the event that woman stopped responding to you, you waited a bit after which clicked “End chat” the talk is recognized as ended during the time you received the very last message through the woman.

9) Why the lady with who I correspond is not online?

Should you not begin to see the woman you write to online, it should signify she uses an area agency to match to you, although not her individual account. About it in the letter if you want to chat with the girl, ask you. The neighborhood agency will generate your own take into account the girl, therefore the woman should be able to communicate to you online, either making use of a pc in the office of a company, or at Web cage, or her laptop or computer if she’s got one.

10) can be done to modify from the talk function?

You can turn the pop-us off if you do not want to see invitations to chat from girls which appear as pop-up windows. With this you should head to Account Options and look the container close to “Try not to show online talk pop-ups”.

11) the way I can easily see whom attempted to contact me personally for talk?

Once you would like you can visit web page Missed Chats and view who delivered you chat invites which for a few reasons you missed. You will start to see the date whenever such invitations were delivered to you by each woman; in the event that woman sent you invites many times, the date of her final invitation will likely to be shown.

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